Royal Brierley Harris Ink Blue Tumbler Glass

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A sturdy tumbler glass featuring sweeping cuts to add to the brilliant sparkle. Mouth blown and hand decorated in England this luxury weight ink blue crystal tumbler is a great way to enjoy whisky and other spirits as well as soft drinks.

Height - 9.5 cm
Capacity - 230 ml
Easy to clean. Hand-wash

Royal Brierley

Hand Made in England since 1776 | Fine Cut Crystal

England's most famous crystal brand, Royal Brierley is the longest establishment name in English Crystal. Founded in 1776 as an independent family business, the heritage of Royal Brierley spans 300 years and 15 generations.

Royal Brierley has the unique distinction of holding two Royal Warrants. The first such Warrant was bestowed by King George V in 1919 and has been renewed by each successive Monarch since.

The traditional style of Royal Brierley fine cut crystal is a heritage that continues to thrive. Now with a selection of contemporary drinkware & gift accessories, Royal Brierley makes a great choice for any home.

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