Zyliss Durable Non-Stick 12 Hole Muffin Pan

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With evenly spaced, deep cups for perfectly risen bakes, this pan is ideal for cupcakes and sweet and savoury muffins. Made from heavy-duty carbon steel that won't warp, this pan is easy to clean, simply hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly or pop in the dishwasher. As with all non-stick metalware - never use metal scourers or harsh abrasives.

Pack Includes - 1 Muffin Pan
Material - Carbon Steel
Durable non-stick oven tray made from heavy gauge carbon steel, designed to distribute heat evenly for even and consistent baking results
Evenly spaced, deep cups for perfectly risen, generously sized cupcakes or sweet and savoury muffins.
The double layer of non-stick coating Quantum II ensures easy release every single time.
Designed to withstand up to 240°C/475°F/Gas 9, the rolled edges provide added strength and resistance to warping and the heavy-duty carbon steel means it's made to last.
Guaranteed for 5 years.
"Length - 2.9cm, Width - 35.1cm, Height - 27cm Product Weight - 0.73 kg"
Dishwasher safe


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