Dreamfarm Brizzle - Non-Drip Basting Brush with Scoop Reservoir, Red

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Brizzle is a silicone basting brush that bends to scoop up 1 tbsp of liquid (ahem – that’s the equivalent of 15 bristle dips) from hard-to-reach places, drizzles to baste, and sits up off your bench with no drips.

• ALL ABOUT THE BASTE - The Brizzle is what every baster brush dreams they were! With its 100-bristle silicone tip, flexible scooping head, and reservoir with drip holes, you can brush pastries or baste roasts to perfection without wasting or spilling a drop
• HERE’S THE SCOOP - Comes with a 15ml tablespoon reservoir. The Brizzle flexes and bends to scoop up oils and liquids straight from your roasting pan or tray. Just pull and lift the liquid up or fill the pastry brush with anything – from marinade to egg wash, and to drizzle over your dish
• COUNTER STAYS CLEAN - The non-stick baster that doesn't mess around! The clever handle design means you don’t need a utensil rest. With the Brizzle’s head raised off your counter, your surfaces stay clean and the Brizzle stays hygienic
• HANDLES THE HEAT - Stay cool when things heat up in the kitchen! The Brizzle is safe to use on non-stick cookware and is heat-resistant to 260°C / 500°F thanks to its non-scratch silicone bristle tip. It’s also dishwasher safe

Length: 28cm, Width: 5cm, Height: 3cm
Heat resistant to 260*C/500*F, Dishwasher safe


Established in 2003, Dreamfarm is an internationally renowned Australian product design company headquartered in Brisbane that makes the world best and most inventive kitchenware and housewares. Dreamfarm takes immense pride in their ability to design and manufacture original items. In fact, Dreamfarm firmly believes in ‘be the best and be original or not at all’. While this achievement may not be universally significant, it holds tremendous value for them. Dreamfarm's dedication extends not only to their products but also to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of their valued customers.

Dreamfarm has won 34 notable international design awards for its best-in-class innovation and original design including 8 Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award, Global Innovation Awards. Dreamfarm believes that award-winning design is not an accident. It starts with identifying problems that are worth solving. Ultimately, it about creating something new that seems so obvious, people wonder how they ever lived without it.

Bringing a touch of innovation, problem-solving, and playfulness to kitchens, Dreamfarm is set to transform the way we cook, one quirky gadget at a time.

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